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  1. Rose Palmisano says:

    Hi I’m going to driving from Virginia to Colorado this upcoming June. I have a 2012 madza 2 touring with only 62000 thousand miles. I am worried about the mountains I am gonna have to drive up. I don’t wanna destroy my little car ! I will have one other person with me and not alot of baggage. So I guess my question is, will my be able to make it up the mountains? Or will it just struggle and cause lots of damage?

    • Hi Rose, thanks for reaching out! Your Mazda is a great car, and should do just fine. As you drive through Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado, the elevation increase is gradual; no gigantic hills. You’ll notice the car progressively losing power (thanks to less oxygen in the air), but thanks to its “brain” under the hood, it’s smart enough to cope just fine. If/once you head further west from Denver (i.e.; up in the mountains), the loss of power will be more apparent. Driving up steeper grades, you may need to keep the gas pedal “floored” to maintain pace with traffic. But again, your Mazda is a brilliantly engineered car, and has the wherewithal to know exactly what it needs to do to keep you (and its internals) safe, even up here.

      Wishing you a safe, enjoyable trip! And if you stop in Kansas City by chance, go to Joe’s (formerly Oklahoma Joe’s) BBQ. Favorite BBQ joint on earth.

      Keep in touch if you need anything at danreviewscars@gmail.com.

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